Burny Boys: so hot right now

Adam Fuller
3 min readAug 20, 2021

Did you hear they are burning Ethereums now? On every gosh darn block!?

What if I told you you could Turn the Burn into an NFT, for some reason?


Feel the burn

All 1559 of them…

They are NEW: using the new baseFee only available in Solidity 0.8.7. This data is incredibly Fresh.

They are ON-CHAIN: it’s all on Ethereum baby, even the meta-data. That right there is an SVG generated in Solidity. Tomo Saito makes beautiful things.

They are DYNAMIC: the height of the flames varies depending on the burniness of the Burny Boy — the token with the highest Basefee has the highest flames. If a Burnier NFT comes along, that re-sets the flame-range.

They are COLOURFUL: a palette determined by the baseFee and the tokenID, we hope you like it (because you can’t change it).

They are ANIMATED: I can’t get over this one, look at those flames!

They are FUNDING BUILDERS: this is a Build Guild project. We love to build tools & tutorials, and full products too!

They are 0.01559 ETH each, get ’em while they’re hot.

Questions that I just thought of

Why should I pay anything for a JPEG? How dare you, Burny Boys are SVGs.

What can I do with my Burny Boy? Burny Boys are highly versatile. Sure, you could make it your ProFile Picture, or Twitter banner, but they also like Being Looked At and Going Hiking. The World is your Boyster!

Isn’t on-chain meta-data highly expensive? Kind of! Because all the generative components are in the contract, the contract is very expensive to deploy (it’s big — one of the challenges was keeping it under the 24kb contract limit). However minting the individual tokens isn’t too expensive (~91663 gasUsed), as the only information to store is the new token and its baseFee (and whether it has impacted the baseFee range).

Burny Boys are incredibly nice to look at, who is the artist? The Lazer Ninja himself, Tomo Saito. Check his Instagram.

So my NFT might change after I mint it —I thought blockchains were immutable? That is right! Blockchains are just computers (thereabouts) and if you can code it you can make it happen (believe in yourself). Each Burny Boy is connected to all the others, because the fire height changes based on the range of BaseFees the contract has seen. Once all the Burny Boys have been minted, they will be fixed forever TM.

Is this the first on-chain baseFee NFT? No! All hail The Chad, by karalabe.eth. Burny Boys are not just for Chads, but Chads are of course welcome too.

What did you learn about on-chain meta-data? Firstly, it’s delightful to see an image generated by the Ethereum Block Chain (my heart melted when it worked the first time!) Big up to Uniswap, Neolastics, Blitmap and Mandalas for paving the way. Creating human-readable things is difficult (dedicated wrangling required to format addresses as strings & numbers with decimals). We needed to use base64-sol to make OpenSea happy with the JSON. This hardhat plugin is good for monitoring contract size — we maybe could have done more to make the SVG generation more contract-size efficient. You need to specify unicode to make emojis work above Solidity 0.7.0 (StackOverflow).

Where will the 0.01559 ETH per Burny Boy go? The funds can be withdrawn by the owner, which on mainnet is the Buidl Guidl multisig. These funds will go to the builders and artists of the Buidl Guidl.

Are you in any way affiliated with Burna Boy? No, but we do think his music is good to dance to.

Do you have any SVG tools you recommend? SVGOMG is a gift from the internet gods for optimising SVGs via SVGO.

What is the future of Burny Boys? Not quite sure right now, but we reserve the right to do cool and interesting things for Burny Boy holders.

Pick up a Burny Boy today!

Github / EtherscanOpenSea.

With thanks to Tomo Saito, Austin Griffith, Isaac & He.