Burny DAO?

Adam Fuller
2 min readAug 27, 2021

Hot damn. Folks have been minting Burny Boys! 1162, at time of writing.

That means there are 397 left!

We have statistics: 589 minters.

We have two legends: Ice cold @ 13.6 Gwei. Burniest boy @ 841 Gwei. And some 69s to boot (nice).

Where do we go from here, though? We could celebrate the Burnys as they are. Funding Ethereum Builders. Colourful. On-chain. The flippers can try to flip ’em on the Open Seas. The rest of us can smile perhaps, at the illegible font, and move on with our busy lives.

Or we could recognise our new kinship. A Band of Burnys. Maybe there is more that we can do together? There may be new worlds to build together on the Ethereum Block Chain. Tokens, coordination. It might even be fun.

So in the end a simple question:

Burny DAO? Or Burny No?

We can only solve this thing together.

Burny holders, please join us in this Telegram group: this is a special place for the Band of Burnys to discuss & coordinate.

We have a Twitter now, please follow.

And an upcoming Snapshot vote: the first and last, or the first of many?

Let’s work this one out.

Lighting the Burny Beacons