Nifty.Ink notes: a few weeks in

Adam Fuller
2 min readSep 25, 2020


We released a few weeks back, and it has been amazing to see what talented people can create from a blank canvas and some ink 🎨. Over 1,500 pieces of art have been created by more than 800 artists, with dorky cartoon faces hanging out next to picture perfect baby yodas and fresh animations.

Samurai Vader by Max Chan, Leapin’ by Sasha. Other Artists please get in touch!

If you made these inks get in touch!

As well as the art, we were excited to build a fun and easy onboarding into web3, using gas-less transactions on xDai as our wedge in, with an upgrade path to mainnet. There have been 25 upgrades so far - hats off to those intrepid main-net gas-price explorers, including this incredible Mona Lisa look-a-like. It’s been great to see people try it out, we would love to chat about it (scalability! user experience!) We think xDai is an interesting place for experimentation, as a side-chain with real value, and it has been great to see some other projects popping up there.

We’ve released some new features over the past couple of weeks, adding configurable brush-sizes and artist pages. We welcomed the very talented Osama onto the team after he made some programmable artworks, and then added borders and backgrounds.

We are currently working on a subgraph (our dApp is growing up!) to unlock more Nifty functionality, and are psyched for some of the follow-on projects we’ve got cooking…

We have a Gitcoin Grant to help us keep doing what we’re doing, we would love and appreciate any support.

If you’re an artist, and you’re interested in how you can create on Nifty.Ink or elsewhere on web3, it would be great to have a chat.

And if you’re interested in buidling or collaborating with us please reach out!

Code / Telegram / Twitter / scaffolding

PS: to the artists of these inks, we would love to give appropriate credits (beyond an 0x address!) Do get in touch.

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