Optimism’s Optimistic Rollups are approaching mainnet release! We spun up a dedicated branch of scaffold-eth in eager anticipation:

  • Run a local chain (L1) with an Optimistic Rollup (L2)
  • Interact with L1 and L2
  • Move ETH between L1 and L2
  • Deploy smart contracts on L2
  • Create our own bridging ERC20 token!

Work-in-progress klaxon 🚨: this is a fresh build, on a brand-new protocol, so expect everything to evolve and change :). And feedback welcome!

If you want to get right to it: the code is here (step-by-step in the README).

Other folks have written in more detail about how Optimism’s Rollup…

This is the second post about building on Aave, see the first here (in which we develop a minimal React component).

Building ain’t easy! There comes a time when an enterprising Ethereum builder needs something that existing smart contracts can’t offer. In this article we walk through the Aave Ape 🦍 , a simple contract that lets you create and unwind leveraged positions on Aave 👻 by integrating with Uniswap 🦄, plus some testing courtesy of Hardhat👷, and of course a little 🏗️ scaffold-eth frontend.

Let’s get to it — check the code here!

🚨 This is experimental, use at…

Aave meets scaffold-eth

So nice they named it twice (@AaveAave)! We built a minimal React component on top of the ghostly lending protocol’s V2, combining 🏗️ scaffold-eth, Aave’s subgraph and aave-js. Read on to see what we learned along the way, or check the code here!

🚨 This is experimental, use at your own risk! 🚨

Aave overview

The official V2 docs have the real deal, but super quick: users can deposit assets on Aave to receive corresponding “aTokens” which earn interest. Users borrow assets from Aave in one of two ways:

  • Over-collateralised, borrowing up to a set loan-to-value amount, based on an amount they…

Uniswap is a DeFi household name. If you have participated in any of the antics of the last 6 months, you have likely benefited from the unicorn protocol’s automated token liquidity 🦄.

Uniswap meets scaffold-eth

But what is actually going on under the hood when you make a trade on Uniswap? We built a <Swap/> widget in scaffold-eth to get the low-down.

🚨 This is experimental code, use at your own risk! 🚨

Read on to…

  • 🍴 Fork mainnet (!)
  • 💱 Grok swaps on Uniswap
  • 📝 Learn about token-lists

But if you want to get right to hacking on it yourself, check out…

Today we are talking about The Graph. If you have ever battled in vain to get data out of a smart contract, The Graph is the magical middleware you were searching for. In this post we will cover:

  • What The Graph is and why it is cool 🆒
  • Our experience adding it into nifty.ink 🖌️
  • A lightweight demo that lets you spin up your own subgraph 👷

What is The Graph? 🆒

While blockchains are great in lots of ways (not now Dad), one thing they are not so good at is returning nice structured data for your user interface…

We released nifty.ink a few weeks back, and it has been amazing to see what talented people can create from a blank canvas and some ink 🎨. Over 1,500 pieces of art have been created by more than 800 artists, with dorky cartoon faces hanging out next to picture perfect baby yodas and fresh animations.

Samurai Vader by Max Chan, Leapin’ by Sasha. Other Artists please get in touch!

If you made these inks get in touch!

As well as the art, we were excited to build a fun and easy onboarding into web3, using gas-less transactions on xDai as our wedge in, with an upgrade path to mainnet. There have been 25 upgrades…

Adam Fuller

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